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Harkonnen II - Vladimir

By ErinPtah
Seras breaks out the Unreasonably Large Gun.

A higher-quality, extra-shiny version of Sunday's Shine strip.

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So.... time for a mountain of, over-the-top violence, swearing, and unnecessary screaming? (AKA a Proper Helsing Welcome)

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The face doesn't look very much like Seras... but still this is a truly awesome picture.

The Harkonnen 2 is better than any damn rocket launcher, especially if Seras is firing it. It's way more powerful than Alucard's long-ish pistol.
Then again, I really can't imagine Alucard with a Harkonnen. IT'S TOO HUGE FOR HIM TO FIT IN HIS POCKET WHEN HE'S DRINKING BLOOD!
The HII was removed pretty quick due to difficulty of drawing. It's heavier than myself.

Alucard doesn't exactly need the Hark either... he has his vampiric abilities. Which is why she ceased usage of the gun when she pwned Zorin.
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Nice dynamic pose! And I like how, while it looks like she's in the middle of a big battle, her expression is almost calm, like, "Oh, this business again."
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I like your comic.

And I like this gun!
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Oh it shines.
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Apart from your usual performance in drawing guns, this one doesn´t look half bad.
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Very Gundam 0083, Stardust Memmories. I like.
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*thumbs up*

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O_O That's a big gun.

Seras and her full-yet-reasonable curves in action!girl outfit are adorable yet badass, especially with that look of determination. (and oh hi there, more zettai ryouiki ^^)

Incidentally...I just watched the first 6 episdoes of Hellsing ^_^ more on the way from Netflix!
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I think the "reasonable" there is more my doing than actual canon XD

Ahhh, excellent! Now you will understand the other half of my major fannish flailing :D
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I though this would have something to do with sunday's shine then I clicked a button an found out it a preview for sunday<3 Very awesome job <3 squuueeeeeeeeeeeeee
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