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The one, the only, the original . . . Hellsingpuff.

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The Turning of Seraspuff by ErinPtah Young Alupuff's War by ErinPtah Integrapuff and Alupuppy by ErinPtah Integrapuff With Sword by ErinPtah 
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GolDragonKing's avatar
once again Britain is saved thanks to theeeeeee
Bloody efficient Hellsing Organisation!
ErinPtah's avatar
Better yet: "Once again, the UK is saved...."
RenegadePineapple's avatar
I think I might actually die laughing!
Fluffy-Braided-Girl's avatar
Oh man, I so LOVE IT XD It never came to me that their outfits&colours could be used in such way... Genious!
Oh wow....
OH WOW!!!!

That's riiiiiiich!!! Awesome, man....
spyrograph's avatar
*dies laughing*
Sekele's avatar

who was messing with the natural order again?
Fawks666's avatar
omfg *dies laughing* I love it!
EvilShiv's avatar
I know i'm posting kinda late hear but may i just say your artwork is really
funny and adorable this one is one of my favourites =) :+fav: Hellsing
rocks!! wooT :w00t:
Dragon-hobbit101's avatar

Alu: WHAT THE H***?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


Int: ........................ERIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ryuki-kazuo's avatar
They are sooooo CUTE!!!!!!
irisiku's avatar
this is so freakin cute!!!
Dawn-Lee's avatar
Ahhh! So cute!! I WAS fantasizing about them being Powerpuffs 2 days ago...maybe wishes DO come true when I wished hard enough. :D
sir-REI's avatar
That.. is just so wrong. :heart: Who would be the mayor? The queen! 'help me girls! ...and.. er.. boy...' And walter as the professor! ^_^; Great idea you! My siblings and I (dorks) just cosplayed as that trio for halloween.. I put them vamps on leashes. Good times. XD
ErinPtah's avatar
Wait - "that trio" as in, the Hellsingpuffs?

If so, please tell me you got pictures.
sir-REI's avatar
Oh yes. :D If you just -happened- to be walking about long island in the middle of halloween night, you just might have glimpsed the strange sight of integra dragging aludoggie and policegirl to random houses for... candies?? SEARCH AND DESTR- i mean... just.. say trick or treat servants... and then retreat.. -_-; HEY!! NO EATING THE COMPETITION ALUCARD!! *smack* Get that kid out of your mouth!! *smack* It was fun. ^____^ :heart:
Witcher's avatar
God dammed!!! XDDD This is good!!!
Maril-san's avatar
cuarenta-y-ocho's avatar
hahaha XD awesome!
and very well done, too :D
ljvaughn's avatar
Teehee, now the song is in my head too...
ljvaughn's avatar
AWESOME! My two favorite shows combined into one! Go Powerpuff! Kawaii!!!
Jarahamee's avatar
I love the angry little Alucard. That is really cool. Like the color selection and intergra's costume as well. Perfect. Love this one.
BlackWingedNobu's avatar
Fighting vamps, trying to save the Queen!
Here they come just in time! The Hellsing Puffs, yeah!
Hellsing puffs!

XDDD nice~ This is so awesome.. XDD
BlackWingedNobu's avatar

*continues into the full version (I have this song on my computer >>;)*

Uh-oh! It's the foul Incognito!
Watch out! It's the lascivious Laura!
Get 'em! It's the troublesome brothers!
Chasing evil back to hell!

<3 XD You are so cool. *is going to have this song stuck in her head all tonight and tomorrow* XDD I can see it now..

*during science class*
Me: Watch out, Mr. Tatum! It's the lascivious Laura!
Mr. Tatum: WHERE?! *ducks*
Me: ....just kidding.

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