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Femslash February 2015 - June and Chloe

By ErinPtah
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Femslash February request for :icondeecrowseer: -- June and Chloe, from Don't Trust The B---- in Apartment 23.

I had never heard of this series before I got the request. Looked up some clips for references, discovered that the whole thing was on Netflix, and the next thing you know I'm five episodes in. Guys, this is so good. Chloe (the eponymous B) hits just the right balance of "hilariously terrible person" and "gooey soft spot for June that she doesn't fully understand or want to acknowledge." June is an adorable marshmallow, and watching her find her backbone at key moments is so rewarding.

They're living together because June moved to NYC to take a job with a big Wall Street firm, only to find the firm getting shut down for embezzlement and herself needing somewhere affordable to move in. I want her to find another high-flying finance job worthy of her skills, but I also want her to keep living with Chloe for as long as it takes them to realize they can make each other happy and should kiss. Serious internal conflicts, here.

The AO3 has fic! Most of it June/Chloe! Excuse me while I go read it all.

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First of all, thank you for taking my request... and I'm glad it inspired such a cute/sexy drawing, as well as introducing you to one of the most underrated sitcoms of recent years!

However, I don't know if Netflix have the episodes in the correct (production) order, or if they have them in the incorrect order in which ABC chose to air them for no sane reason whatsoever:…

It's a bit of a pain to watch them in the proper order, but well worth it, because the second season was just a mess with a handful of first season episodes tossed in at random!

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Thanks for the link! Looks like Netflix's airing order is closer to that list than ABC's was, and the first 11 episodes are ordered correctly (so I've been getting them as intended so far), but the rest are a little scrambled. I'll keep an eye on that list as I finish watching =)
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Happy to help! :D (Big Grin)