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Family Resemblance

By ErinPtah
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This doesn't have a plot or a point or anything. I just really wanted to make that joke.

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Kevin: Hello, Cecil! I just heard the most interesting thing! Is it true that you have a niece?

Cecil: What have you done to her?!

Kevin: Oh, gosh, I haven't even met her! I was just curious!

It's a funny coincidence, you see -- I have a niece too! Does yours also look a lot like you? With mine, there's quite the family resemblance! People are always saying. . .

. . . she has her uncle's eyes! <3

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What he's trying to say to Cecil is:"I took her eyes."
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I bet she keeps them in a very clean container, too!
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Hah, she probably wears them.
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ok, good comic...but DAME IT! I hoped this would be an agreement on Kevin being Cecil's brother 
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Maybe some other time =)
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Oh no. Ooohh noooo XD Cecil, run!!!
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Do they play the "got your nose" game with little kids in Desert Bluffs, do you suppose? It must be such fun.

I love everything you make.
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I bet they do. Good wholesome family entertainment.

Thanks =)
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