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By ErinPtah
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A tribute to the upcoming Stewart-Colbert, paired rallies...drawn while doing an impression of Jules Feiffer.

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grumpypig102's avatar
HA SANITY WINS! i need to tell you something secret... stephen is feared jk LOL
Shella's avatar
Haha gorgeous! Stephen's poses are ridiculous and fabulous, and that final panel is just adorable <3
MaxisLithium's avatar
I watched the event from a pub on church street, in the center of the gay village in Toronto, Canada. I really did enjoy the whole event, even though the opening warm up wasn't so hot (though that was likely more to do with technical difficulties on out end the the performance it's self.)

I hope calmer heads prevail in the US, since the state of the (un)united states effects things across the boarder.
poseyblossom's avatar
what I'd do to go see these rallys! why must it be so far away? :iconnuuplz:
KinjiraretaNingyou's avatar
gmta on the wedding bit btw...
shuramiyaki's avatar
I can't wait to see these rallies unfold. I know a lot of people I know at school want to go, but, homework consumes our lives.:XD:
That hug at the end is too cute. And so wonderfully tender.
ErinPtah's avatar
I think the tenderness is a cornerstone of the sentiment behind the rally. The "sane" contingent isn't trying to mock or put down the "fearful" people; we care about them, and want their lives to be calmer and easier :heart:
createacomic's avatar
That's a good mirror of reality, too: the real-world "sanity" rallies are acting to make life better for everyone by focusing on getting rid of the corrupt/incompetent elements making us all miserable and broke, even as the "fearful" continue to hurl insults, put-downs, and stereotypes at them.
shuramiyaki's avatar
That was such a beautiful way to put it.
Now I wish I could be at this rally even more now.
nicoleh262's avatar
My friend and I were discussing what we think is going to happen today in art. She's thinking it might be a fight, while I think it's going to be wedding. The interesting part is she's bisexual and I'm straight. xD
ErinPtah's avatar
Split the difference: why not both?

Either way, I like the way you two think :XD:
vbabemoon's avatar
I wanna go soooo bad.
FractalBlaze's avatar
That is awesome! Love the expressions. These rallies are gonna be so awesome. I can't wait to be there! :D
FilledeMarius's avatar
Truly a worthy tribute.
Nonesane's avatar
Such an excellent way to find out about a rally! Love the body language :D
zaphod-beeblebroxie's avatar
Aww, that's cute and funny :D
SnakeYukin's avatar
So wish I could go to the rallies. I'm rooting for sanity.
thngwhtsqks's avatar
I adore this <3 There are no other words for it. I especially love the way Jon is basically the steady rock around which Stephen convulses.

I admire your versatility :)
Seagullsong's avatar
I love your phrasing there. So true.
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