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Entertaining The Troops

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"It's standard issue for entertaining the troops, Jon! Now stop rolling your eyes and pass me that wig."

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CHIBIS!!!! XD Okay, it is hard to give a serious critique on chibis, but they are turly beautiful and deserve it, so here goes...

The background I love; part of me says - just make it a square background already, but I can understand leaving the "C" intact, thus creating a tall background. ((the "C" is actually most apparent from the top, so if the image were cropped to focus on the boys, it would hardly be missed. Included, it makes the picture look framed for a postcard))

Stephen's buzzcut is truly a thing of beauty ^_^ I love the shape of his hairline and the fuzzy little outline of his skull <3 <3 <3 ::stops drooling:: His eyebrow expression is classic as is Jon's eyerolling... STEPHEN's OUTFIT OMG The shininess of the spiky boots and patent leather V of the teddy... O___________O sorry, no intelligent words forthcoming <3<3<3 Stephen in a fishnet getup is utterly distracting... The only technical detail I could possibly grumble about is the shadow underneath the boys.... I love the combination of photobackground with cartoon!chibis, but the lack of a linear definition of the stage they are standing on slightly perturbs me. It's the only thing that distracts me from the scene because it makes them seem to be floating on the background. Otherwise, the chibis are well proprotioned, right down to Jon's height difference. Stephen's hand placement is well done and Jon's hands melting into the Cher wig works well. In other words, "OMG YAY" ;-)
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I think I was mostly just repeating the dimensions of the other two "abnormally tall chibis" pictures I've done ^_^;

It's been so cool to actually see the shape of Stephen's hairline. His hair has always been so fluffy, you couldn't tell how dramatic it was.

Mmm, yeah, the shadows are a bit weird. But I'm glad you like the rest :D
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NaomiHansenStudent Digital Artist
Haha!! Wow... :XD:

Well, I can see him do something like that, I guess. :rofl:
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I really really wish that Stephen had worn that to entertain the troops... That would have been awesome... and sexy! :heart:
Also, I just adore the look on Jon's face. It's absolutely priceless!
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aStrangerInParadiseHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm sure the troops liked Stephen alot more than Cher. :D Not that there's anything wrong with Cher. . .Stephen just does everything better. :heart: