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Emmanuel ??????? - The Mentor

By ErinPtah
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Art nouveau daemon AU Man in the Tan Jacket. Mentored Dana in astral-projection skills when she was trapped in the Dog Park, and, later, took Night Vale's surprise baby witch under his wing.

...or should I say "wings", given that his daemon has about a thousand of them.

(Touched up this whole portrait series. More gradients, more varied line weights, more sparkles.)

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Cool! Nice to see fanart of more obscure characters.
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Ohhh, if you want Man in the Tan Jacket fanart, you have come to the right gallery =D
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Huzzah! Have you drawn more of him, then?
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A search in my gallery for "tan jacket"
Man in the Tan Jacket 4Koma (which don't all show up because I just call him TJ a lot)
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Cheers! Will look through, now.