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Disney-fy Bianca Meme



But I'm A Cat Person's Bianca would make an excellent Disney princess. With Patrick as the cute animal sidekick and Sparrow as the dashing rogue.

Blank original: Disney-fy Yourself Meme

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Wallpaper - Bats for the Batty by ErinPtah  BICP - Memories by ErinPtah  Still A Cat by ErinPtah  Raven Knight and Dragon Knight by ErinPtah

1. Become a Disney protagonist or antagonist (yourself as a new character)

Bianca Washington, getting her princess on.

Bianca: Hard to go wrong with a ball gown.

2. Meet a princess and her hero.

Belle & the Beast--

Bianca: You're sure this is okay?

Belle: We're teaching him to put up with annoyance. Cuddle all you want!

3. Since you've invented yourself as a Disney character, invent a hot co-protagonist!

Sparrow Applebaum, dashing rogue.

Sparrow: The only way this could be better is if I had a laser pistol. Chicks dig laser pistols.

4. Now jump into a Disney movie and replace whichever character you want, in whatever scene you like.

Mulan gets a Plot-Important Haircut.

Bianca: And if it catches the eye of some gender-confused but cute guy, that'll be icing on the cake!

5. And how about that classic Disney almost kissing scene?

Doggy style...but which I mean Lady & the Tramp style, obviously.

6. In the Action Scene, are you in distress or actually active? Being saved or saving?

Bianca: I'm the one trying to convince my friends to put down their laser pistols and try for a truce!

7. What cool outfit or dreamy dress are you wearing (a) all of the time (as Disney characters often do) and (b) at a special scene?

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That dog is cute.