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Desperate Senshi

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Yes, I still watch Desperate Housewives.

This was set a couple of seasons ago: Katherine as Mars, Lynette (still fighting cancer) as Jupiter, Julie (still the voice of reason) as Chibi-Moon, Susan as Moon, Gaby as Venus, and Bree as Mercury. (Mary Alice, naturally, is Pluto.)

I'm still not sure these are the perfect matchups (for instance, I ship Katherine with Bree, but Rei with Minako), but it was fun to draw.

Background is screencapped from (what's left of) the title sequence.

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Bishounen Enzetsuka Sailor Voice by ErinPtah But I'm A Cat Senshi by ErinPtah Sailor Munn and Sailor B by ErinPtah BKSH - Sailor Dhampir by ErinPtah 
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kbuckmHobbyist General Artist
cute! I think the matchups fit quite nicely XD Susan and Katherine do fight more between themselves than with any of the others (Julie falls in naturally as Susan's daughter), Lynette is the toughest one, Gaby the freer spirit (kinda, right? XD)...only with Bree do I fail to come up with Mercury-like quality...but cool nonetheless =P
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LOL. I have never thought about that. XD
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EpicDreamer2011Student Digital Artist
Original. I like it. XD
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HotaruThodt Digital Artist
Oh man. :lmao: This is the BEST crossover EVER! :iconlolowlplz:
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I love that Julie is Chibi-Moon! And you go Lynette! Kick cancer's butt with your sparkling wide pressure!
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Bree looks the best, immediately recognizable -- Gaby too. Susan looks good in terms of the drawing, but she's not as easy to recognize. I stopped watching before a couple of the others appeared, I think, and before Lynette lost her hair.
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...i kind of love you, yannodat?
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