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Crossfire-era Iscaripuff

An argument from the Cross Fire days: when Enricopuff still had bangs and glasses, Yumikopuff was awake more often than Yumiepuff, and Heinkelpuff still had breasts. (Heinkel is obviously female in the Cross Fire stories. Too bad they aren't Hellsing canon, or we'd have a lot more answers.)

Links to the rest on the Hellsingpuff page. Download for the image, full-sized blanks, and 19 LJ-size icons.

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haha nice work..... yup thats crossfire in a nutshell
LuthienDun's avatar
Enricopuff looks so adorable(you made me an Enrico fan after i read your comics on And Shine Heaven made him look cute!)
GrenadierJorinde's avatar
And yet again, Yumiko stands quietly in back XD
Fomalhaut48's avatar
Cute one. I especially like the poses. Well done!

(And I consider Crossfire canon.)
ErinPtah's avatar
Hirano has said it's not canon, so I'm afraid you're out of luck there.

But thank you!
Fomalhaut48's avatar
I know, I have read that as well. But it leaves me somewhat confused, 'cause it fits quite well with the canon, that's why.
GirlycardFangirl's avatar
Brilliant Erin, you\'ve done it again!
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