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Commission: Sailor Girlycard

Commission for :iconpookiesuncle: - Pretty Vampire Sailor Girlycard. (No relation to the Pretty Knight Sailor Hellsing tale I've talked about elsewhere.) Time from the initial idea to the finished piece: just over a week, including discussion of the details of the drawing.

The uniform is my own adaption of Alucard's trademark outfit, though the high heels were by request -- as was the pose, and a good choice it was.

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BICP Senshi Team by ErinPtah BKSH - Countess Integrity by ErinPtah BKSH - Sailor Dhampir by ErinPtah BKSH - Small But Dangerous by ErinPtah 
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This picture is the best fan made senshi I've ever seen. :D
I love Girlycard!! <3
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looking at your picture I want to tell you that there is a new contest in the group!
want to join??
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Sailor Girlycard, Sucking the blood out of evil... One neck at a time! B-)
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sexy alucard :)
GirlycardFangirl's avatar
I love sailor hellsing alot! And I love girlycard so this is a perfect picture!
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Too cute... drool...
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Sailor Girlycard?! I can die happy now. (wut?)
Great outfit~
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She is so cute, I want to hug her... draw more like this!
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Commission something! ^_~
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Intellectually, I know that Alucard is a guy. I know this. This doesn't stop me, however, from being kinda turned on by this.

o/` What have I become o/`
well, MENTALLY this form is a guy. PHYSICALLY it's a girl.
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I soooooo want to cosplay this...
Fiery-Dark-Dante's avatar
Edit: This cosplay is in the works!! :D!!
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She reminds me somewhat of Sailor Mars... but I think this one's awesome! It leaves Alucard's outfit but still fits as one of a Sailor Scout's. Strange... I always think about Girlycard as a little girl, though she isn't...
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The initial request was for it to be kind of Mars-based (specifically, with the high heels), so that may be why =)

Glad you like!
A takeoff on Sailor Mars was the idea for the picture. Hence the red high heels. :D
Very nice. Having the coffin in the picture to lean on turned out to be a very inspired choice. I just love the "double breasted" sailor suit, too, and the torii with moon behind it came out really good.
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Most excellent. So glad you approve =)
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Will there be a sailor Walter?
ErinPtah's avatar
At this point? Only if somebody commissions one ^_~
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