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Commission Prices 2019 - Erin Ptah



Commissions are open! Prices updated for 2019. Fanart and original characters equally welcome.

No explicit sex or nudity, but feel free to ask for SFW kinky visuals. I'm also happy to draw "problematic" ships, and blood/injury scenes are fine.

Backgrounds and props may cost extra if they're complicated to draw -- ask for an estimate. If you can't afford a full figure, order a bust/headshot for a discount. There are also discounts for anyone who orders multiple figures at once!

Anything you want that isn't mentioned here, send a PM or shoot me an email (sailorptah, on yahoo) and we'll work out a deal.

Payments accepted via PayPal and Ko-Fi. You can also get art (as well as fic and other bonuses) by supporting me on Patreon.

Chibi figures: $10 each

Sketch portraits/figures: $15 each

Cel-shaded figures: $30+ each

Full-shaded figures: $40+ each

Formal Bunad, Cute Shoes by ErinPtah  Kale and Caoimhe - Cuddling by ErinPtah  The Cutest Rhodonite by ErinPtah Shade, Sand, and Surf by ErinPtah  Cold Winter Nights Indoors by ErinPtah 
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Good to know. I've been thinking of something involving Schrodinger meeting PennyWise Dancing 2 (IT 2017)