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Christmas Fanservice 2006

My annual Christmas Fanservice picture.

I've been wanting to draw Alucard-as-reindeer for a long time now =)

Last year: 2005
Next year: 2007

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Wallpaper - Ornamental Lily by ErinPtah Scarlet Integra by ErinPtah Christmas Fanservice 2007 by ErinPtah Halloween Integra 2008 by ErinPtah 
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I'm not stalking you, I'm only just now getting around to browsing your gallery.


Integra's hot, and I like ALucard's outfit.
Nighteyes-De-Dracul's avatar
I'm not an AxI fan, but they're both well-drawn (and kinda hot XDDD)
What happened to Alucard's nipples? Reindeer are mammals, therefore they also have mammaries.
^__^ Ello.
ErinPtah's avatar
I draw naked males like Ken dolls, because too much detail just squicks me out. (Yay for being a lesbian.)

So I'm glad it was hot anyway ^_^
Nighteyes-De-Dracul's avatar
:D Yes, being a lesbian truly is fantastic. Especially since it means you didn't get squicky and give Alucard a package *shudders* But for a corpse he keeps himself in shape, even if being male his shape is too triangular and breastless for my taste :D

<.<' I supported IxS while I still wasn't sure about my sexuality.
Me and my gf are going to cosplay as them the year after next at Animania, if all goes well ^_^

...And that wasn't random, no...
ErinPtah's avatar
He can take any form he likes, so why not =3

I'm a fan of the Seras-has-a-crush-on-Integral approach (similar to her crush on Alucard), but Integral has eyes only for her work (well, and Alucard, but she's in denial about that) =D

Random is good.
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Eh, I read the manga. Integra's focussed on work most of the time, but she does seem to really care for Seras's wellbeing. She and Alucard mostly try to irritate each other :D
In the old animé, It's AxI with an AxS crush in the background.

(Oh, and by the way, I read Shine to see you wax philosophical-- I'm one of the few people around who wants to learn everything especially philosophy :3)
ErinPtah's avatar
Yeah, but she and Alucard try to irritate each other because they love each other! Their yelling just hides the True Love, darnit.

I'm glad at least one person likes the philosophy =D
Nighteyes-De-Dracul's avatar
<.< We'll agree to disagree, ok? Because I understand your argument for AxI, but I just don't see the dynamics. Sorreh.
^_^ Philosophy and theology-- both important and both constantly seeking to destroy one another ^^;
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Psh, totally fine with me.

...but what about the philosophy of religion? Dun dun dunnn.
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Eeeeee! I love it! Only you could have come up with Alucard as a reindeer!
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Next you'll have to draw him as a Llama!

Squeeee! :kitty:

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You just made my christmas. With this picture in my mind I can handle my lovely family for this day (here in Finland we celebrate christmas 24th day)! Keep up the good work!
ok. gotta luv it. merry christmas from down under (and send that blood-drinking reindeer my way! Yum!)
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Yay for Fan-Service!!!! :love:
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Antlercard? Rudolphcard? Reincard? Wow, it's hard coming up with different -cards...

Man if someone can come up with a picture of Alucard using only text emotes, it would be the birth of Lollercard. Copious YTMNDs would ensue!
ErinPtah's avatar
I like Antlercard. XD
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That's all kinds of Celtic...
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wow...I knew this chick that worked with the animals for the old radio city music hall show...and I think at the moment I can't sing "Nikki got knocked over by a reindeer...every year at christmas rocket stage..." Exceptional as usual Erin-chan
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Oooh, sexy Teggy. I approve. I approve greatly.
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Holy crap thats funny!

I can't look at it without breaking out in a grin. *favs*
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Hehehehe!!! Loves it ^_^
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*dies laughing* I love you, Erin. Shine is great, and your Devart doesn't dissappoint, either.
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yays! XD it's awesome
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