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Character vs. Inspiration: Miners

Some of the influences readers have spotted in the Leif & Thorn "Landslide Bring Me Down" storyline.

Mata and Pato are talented engineers, so I couldn't resist building some Phineas & Ferb references into their designs. Although these two were emphatically not raised as brothers. (And Pato is actually mute, not just quiet-by-choice.)

Bram owes his hairstyle to The Boulder...although if he was in the A:tLA universe he'd be a firebender. And The Boulder in turn was inspired by The Rock (the production team even tried to get him as the voice actor), so I threw him in too.

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Phineas: Aren't you a little . . . married to be inspired by me and my brother?
Mata: Yes. Yes, we are.
Ferb: Well, I'd just as soon never think about that again.
Pato: ?!

Bram: No fire spell is beyond the skills of MAGICAL BRAMBLE.
The Boulder: THE BOULDER is CONFLICTED about this chain of inspiration.
Dwayne Johnson: The Rock thinks it's pretty great.
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