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Character vs Inspiration: Hedge, Grassie, Astrid

Another bit about Leif & Thorn characters, this time inspired by real people.

...There's a clear advantage to using old-timey inspirations. For George and Gracie in particular, their almost-100-year-old work is surprisingly progressive, and because of the age you can forgive it when it isn't. And you don't have to worry about the stars suddenly embracing new terrible ideas, because, well.

Gracie Catraz by ErinPtah  Shoujo Shimmer Magical Thorn by ErinPtah  Character vs Inspiration - Lulen and Sigrun by ErinPtah  Hedge and Grassie - Priceless by ErinPtah


Grassie: Aw, Hedge! So that’s sort of what you would look like if you were a fellow! . . . And also old! Very, very old!

Gracie: But George, if both of them in the couple are ladies . . . how can they do a comedy act without a straight man?

Astrid Rødlund: I was supposed to be a flawed-but-overall-charming character. The hazards of doing homages to still-living people . . .

JKR: What?? I just don’t want to call anyone “she” if they don’t have periods! Unless she’s a child. Or post-menopausal. Or has it stopped by medication. Or a health issue. Or Polyjuice Potion. Or . . . The point is, I’m Supporting Lesbians! So don’t question me! Especially not questions like “why didn’t your bestselling books ever include any lesbians.”
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