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'Cecil's in the subway.'

By ErinPtah
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Quick scene from Cecil On The N.T.A. -- or, "Subway" with daemons.

You don't touch someone else's daemon. You never touch someone else's daemon. Unless Khoshekh comes flying toward you, exclaims that something is very wrong with Cecil, and flings himself into your arms. Then your boyfriend's daemon needs to be held, and you can worry about the scientific implications later.

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Well I think it s a really cute and adorable looking pic.
Carlos' eyes are so big and shiny, so cute.
The coloration of the him and the little daemon is plain and has a more cartoonisch style but its okay. It marks the difference from the beautiful warm backround.
Im actually not so good at giving advice, because im not that good myself. But id say you only have to improve your lining and folds drawing skills. But not much.
Its a very nice picture anyways and youre pretty good id say.
Well I really like it and it will definatly come into my Night Vale Art file .
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This is brilliantly done^^