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Ceannis: The Small Map

By ErinPtah
The major countries of Leif & Thorn. With a hat tip to Amit Patel's map generator.

Sønheim extends much farther north -- it goes up and over the pole of the planet -- but the majority of its residents live in the area shown here. (It's like Canada that way.) There's also a bit of Ceannis to the north. For scale, the portion seen here is comparable in size to the US; that lake in the middle, with the city of Central at its border, is approximately the size of Ohio.

(For the interested: long-winded map development story.)

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Is Tamaputien also anywhere on this map? Or is it just to small?
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Tamapoa isn't seen here because it's off past the edge of the map.
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I forgot to ask, what did you name the world? I.E. Our world is Earth/Terra, the hobbits are from MiddleEarth, ect
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It'll vary from language to language, but my current plan is for most of them to just call it "Earth." That is, the language's word for "dirt", repurposed as a proper noun. It's the easiest way to get a name for the planet you're standing on...

People from Sønheim might be more likely to call it "Ice."
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Okay, great, thanks. Still trying to flesh out that fancomic.
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(That's a happy response, be assured.)
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I aim to please!
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