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Ceannic Quartz Team Fusions

From the Leif & Thorn Gem AU: fusions between Sapphire (Thorn) and some of the Quartzes on his team. All of them are dual sword-wielders.

Now with a limb enhancer for Birch! His gem was chipped in the same fight that cracked Thorn's.

Violet: Sapphire + Amethyst = Lavender Moon Quartz
Birch: Sapphire + Blue Quartz = Aqua Aura Quartz
Rowan: Sapphire + Carnelian = Piemontite

(Revised, because some of my original choices showed up in SU canon as non-fusions. If we ever get canon Sapphire/Amethyst or Sapphire/Carnelian fusions, I may have to update it again...)

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