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The pose was taken from an X-Men cover, because Charles Xavier was being carried and wearing Integra's suit. And then I was miffed at the scarf for being hard to draw, so I started drawing it ripped, and it just went from there.

Her thighs are too long, but other than that this isn't too bad.
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The pose is well done, good job
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For a moment, I thought Alucard was Carmen Sandiego.
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Reading through Shine from the beginning (FINALLY) and just came across this; lovely, even though it's painful to see Integra so helpless. Worth it for Alucard's look of concern!
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I seem to have a thing for...well, not making Integra helpless, but putting her in situations in which she can accept help while clearly not losing any of her own awesome in the process.

Alucard, meanwhile, only allows himself to express concern while she isn't looking, so it works out well =)
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Alucard must be having a fun time looking at her neck from the position his eyes are in. ^^
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*is a sucker for stuff like this* sweet.
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Derek (open_sketchbook): I love it. Believe it or not, the thing that most catches my eye is the ripped glove. Very very well drawn. I can't do hands at all. Very good all around.
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When I first saw it, I thought of the end of the first episode - Alucard carrying Seras. *grins*

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Amazing. I wanna know what happened to her! 8(

Poor Integra...oh well, Alucard will make it all better ^^
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Awesome, reminds me of Hannabil ((and there was kind of a similar evil-protective-guy feel there too))
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My fav. out of them all so far. Very good.
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Aww! ;-; What happened?!
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Haven't a clue. I just felt like drawing it ^_^
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her theighs arent too long :D have you seen her theighs in hellsing? ;) hehe ace pic :)
Only thing i can add would be cover arucards eyes with like hair or his hat so you cant see them ^_^ then it would be more to the the style of the anime/manga :)
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