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Carlos's Team of Scientists - Fancast

By ErinPtah
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I don't understand why Adrian Grenier isn't in more fancasts as Carlos. I really don't.

And on that note, here's a casting for Carlos's whole team from the His Dark Materials AU. It isn't perfect -- some of the ages are off, for instance -- but I'm pretty happy with how well the ethnicities, body types, and hairstyles match up.

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Adriana (green iguana) - Melissa Fumero
Brad (golden hamster) - Chord Overstreet
Carlos (three-banded armadillo) - Adrian Grenier
Dotan (speckled palm viper) - Omid Abtahi
Emily (black-tailed jackrabbit) - Jessica Simpson
Fleur (red-bellied grackle) - Brandy Norwood
Gerald (musk ox) - Gary Cole
Henriette (alpine marmot) - Andrea James
Ichiro (capuchin) - Louis Changchien
Jordan (tufted deer) - Anne Hathaway
Keith Köhler (binturong) - Donald Sutherland
Li Hua and her double (brown-throated wrens) - Olivia Munn
Mateo (golden weasel) - Juan Gabriel Pareja

[An earlier version of this had Lucy Liu as Li Hua. Given that the character is supposed to be younger than Carlos, Olivia has been retconned in.]

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