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Carlos Ramirez - The Scholar

By ErinPtah
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Art nouveau daemon AU Carlos. Equipped with an amber spyglass, highly professional clothing, and a working set of bloodstones.

(Working on a whole series of these. After the other main heroes -- that is, Cecil, Tamika, and Dana -- any nominations on who to do next?)

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Cecil Meets the Family -3- by ErinPtah Better With Two by ErinPtah Punk Dana by ErinPtah Insert your own 'SCarlos' pun here by ErinPtah 
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As a purely aesthetic piece this works well, both in flow and color scheme. The wording an background do evoke a vaguely art Nouveau feel, but the artist could have added more detail and a more diverse color scheme; e.g. adding blue details and some darker shades so that the tan/yellow is not so overwhelming. There is a certain fluidity that the figure hints at, but could be exaggerated more. The walking stride works well, but the figure could be displaved in such a way that it is not directly in the center of the card. The bloodstones could be colored a darker red, like dried blood, rather than mere splatter, which would add a greater range of color and greater contrast to the piece as a whole.
Art Nouveau also utilizes a combination of thick outlines and smaller detail lines, a technique which could be used to great effect here to create visual interest.
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GuesssWho9Hobbyist General Artist
I like that the bloodstones look more like the real thing in this one, btw
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MirthfulMaladyProfessional General Artist
This is really wonderful, and I love the idea. I am actually working on something similar! But I have not gotten very far. Best of luck!
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ReturnofOlympusStudent Digital Artist
Steve Carlsberg, Old Woman Josie, maybe?
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Steve is in progress! And Josie is totally on the list =)
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I love this story and I'm excited for these drawings!

(I nominate Kevin. Or perhaps one or two of the longstanding OC theologians? Actually I nominate pretty much everyone in Night Vale but I realize you have other things to do with your time than draw a cast of dozens for my amusement.)
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Kevin is in progress! Saving him for after the chapter where [spoiler] is revealed.

I wasn't even thinking about doing the OC theologians, but who knows, maybe. Now that I know at least one person wants to see them <3
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Oooh, [spoiler].

<3 <3 <3
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