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Calvin, Hobbes, Chris Orcot

Because Hobbes is from Count D's pet shop.

Search your feelings. You know it to be true.
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Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WovenOpaqueFlame's avatar
This really does make sense O.o
Katwalker's avatar
This is possibly the most awesome idea of all time.
BloodyRiP's avatar
no it can't be true

actually u maybe right
Casandraelf's avatar
this...this makes total sense
ID-LilHentai's avatar
OMG! IT IS TRUE!! :faint:
Antta's avatar
I quite like it.
blackthornsos's avatar
lol... my 2 fav comics...
ed00's avatar
MithLycos's avatar
Now that I look at it this way, it makes so much more sense. Brilliant!
cheetah-mage's avatar
It all makes perfect sense now... we know D sells stuffed animals... I just wonder what made them buy Hobbses from him? ...A mystery for another time, btw, I love your 'And Shine Heaven Now' comics. <3
InvaderArgg's avatar
I all makes sense now....
narkro555's avatar
Whoa! I loved reading Calvin and Hobbes! I never knew someone would anthrotise them. Great!
Willowanderer's avatar
Oh dear god. It is true.
kazokuhouou's avatar
That explains a lot.
ereyes's avatar
Hobbes looks awesome and Calvin looks adorable :happycry:.

I'm actually sad because I LOVE C&H and it got cancelled. :(
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It isn't that it got cancelled - Bill Watterson wanted to stop, rather than drag the strip on to a point where it was tired and unoriginal and he was sick of it. I'm sad about it too, but I understand why he did it.

Besides, we'll always have fanfiction =)
ereyes's avatar
You're welcome.

I always assumed it was a combination of things. I remember hearing something about copyright infringement and how Bill wanted to take up painting. Oh well :shrug:. Like you said, we'll always have fanfiction. :)
Casandraelf's avatar
hobbes looks sexy as a furry cat-guy
Claudia-C18's avatar
oh my calvin and hobbes?
i didn't expect you to draw that!

and hobbes looks pretty good as a humanoid creature, i like his design the most. nice drawing!
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