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C'mere, sis.

By ErinPtah
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I have a lot of feelings about Amethyst calling Jasper "sis."

Especially in her new "re-formed in the first outfit I could throw on, because I had to rush back out and save the kids" aesthetic.

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Personally I would have prefered if Jasper was poofed and bubbled after Garnet would give her a massive beatdown while going on about that fusion wasn't about power but connecting with another gem to the point that your hearts were one and that Jasper even after fusing Jasper didn't get fusion at all.
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Eh, we already got that beatdown in Stronger Than You. But our heroes wouldn't be able to win a punching fight against every quartz on Homeworld. Eventually we have to learn more about the motivations and perspective of Homeworld, so the gems can figure out how to win them over. They started with Peridot, who was relatively easy, and now they're working their way up...
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It was more the thing that Jasper began to equate fusion with power when that was never the point with Garnet and wanted her to denounce Jasper's new views on fusion as just a wrong as her old ones.