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Calvin and Hobbes was right on the cusp of "before my time." I only have vague memories of seeing it in the paper. Luckily, my great-grandfather had stocked up on the books. He eventually got me the Tenth Anniversary Collection, full of notes and essays which crystallized my love of comics as a medium.

I last saw him in January, at an assisted living facility, doing as well as could be expected for a man in his nineties. He died there this afternoon.

This one's for you, Beeb.

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DIR-EC-TIVE by ErinPtah Wearers Of Starsuits by ErinPtah Calvintegra and Hobbescard by ErinPtah Indy and the Temple of Cat by ErinPtah 
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Just beautiful ^^
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I'm so sorry for your loss. <33
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Oh, my condolences. :iconsympathyplz:
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this is a great tribute and a very cute style
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AWWWWWW! hobbes looks SO CUTE!!!!
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sorry for your loss. i used to read this and far side comics with my late father. some of my best memereys of my dad are shared with comics.
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I'm sorry for your loss. But what a great tribute. I bet he'd love it. :)
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My condolences Ms. Ptah. I do hope your great-grandfather is, as Calvin put it, going to "go exploring".
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This makes me cry a little bit, every time I think of it. Happy tears, I assure you.

So it's great that you have those happy memories, Erin. Cherish those, because those will never leave you. You'll have them forever, and within those, you will have him forever. That's the best that I can put it.
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Oh, Erin... That's sad. I'm sorry for your loss. It's funny how Calvin and Hobbes can open up good things like that. My mother told me it was the first thing I ever laughed at.

Again, I'm sorry for your loss, and this is a glorious picture. <3
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<3 And to make your life brighter? I started watching Doctor Who. Your crossover planted the idea in my head and I finally got around to it! (...Mostly the episodes with the Weeping Angels, but I have a weird fascination with living statues. I'M NOW TIVO-ING THE OTHER EPISODES ON TV! DON'T WORRY!)

So yeah <3 Don't give up!
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Excellent! Welcome to the fandom =)
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