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But I'm A Magic Person

By ErinPtah
The main trio of But I'm A Cat Person, sorted into Hogwarts.

Sparrow: Slytherin. She's headstrong enough to be a Gryffindor, but her cunning, ruthless streak, and enthusiasm for mucking about in politics put her over the edge.

Bianca: Ravenclaw. She's got the goodness and loyalty of a Hufflepuff, but I went with her intelligence, curiosity, and tendency to overthink things.

Patrick: ...I gave him a generic black-and-white scarf, because I couldn't decide ^_^;

Any theories on what house he'd be in? For that matter, any theories about the rest of the characters?

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Patrick might be a Hufflepuff, what with loyalty to his master being a key trait, but he also might go into Ravenclaw to be with Bianca. Really, his personallity is so flexible, he could go in any house.
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That's his dilemma, yeah.
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Patrick would be in whatever House Sparrow was in. He's that kind of guy. And he'd make googly eyes at her longingly.

Then he'd get bitten by a snake and die, since that's what happens to the cool characters in the HP universe.
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I think Patrick would be Gryffindor, with his loyalty winning out.