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But I'm A Cat Senshi

A selection of heroines from But I'm A Cat Person, senshified. (Pose adapted from a set of Sailor Moon merchandise boxes.)

Bianca is Moon, of course, with Sparrow as her Mars and Patrick as her Luna.

Camellia is Venus, because Reseda makes a perfect Artemis.

Jany (you'll see her in a few chapters) is Jupiter, and Miranda is Mercury. I thought about swapping those two -- Miranda's more analytic than Jany, but Jany's arc will have some other parallels to Mercury's, and besides, she's awfully short for a Jupiter. Could go either way.

Cybele doesn't quite fit the theme of the picture, as she's the only nonhuman playing a human. Still, her color scheme was too close to Chibi-Moon's to pass up.
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