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But I'm A Cat Leif

By ErinPtah
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But I'm A Cat Person AU for Leif & Thorn -- where Thorn becomes master of the Cat, and calls him Leif.

They meet when Thorn is in his canon recovery from dragon burns. He was in line to get a soulbonded cat, but that plan got shelved when he ended up with a Being instead. Leif mostly appears as a modified Norwegian Forest Cat, because of course.

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- Thorn in the burn ward, rocking the full-body pressure garments.
- The Cat, whose Master is in the next ward over. When she dies, the Cat seeks out Thorn, who makes the Contract.
- Thorn in the next stage of rehab, with his hair growing back.
- Names the Cat the Iudish word for "Life"...because of the pronunciation, non-Iuilic people assume it's the Sønska name "Leif."
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