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Bon Viv-Haunt

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Frank and Sadie! Based on that one scene in e164 Beyond Belief: Bon Viv-Haunt in which the Doyles get invited to pretend to be ghosts. Frank tries to play it cool, assuming Sadie will be enthusiastic and he can let her "talk him into it". When Sadie plays it even cooler, though, Frank cracks.


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30 Days of TAH marches on!

Day 11: Beyond Belief Episodes: On top of the one already mentioned, I'm into all the episodes with Donna Henderson (e025, e048, e068, e153, and e172). When it comes to monsters being played straight, vampires are possibly my favorite -- from Carmilla to Hellsing -- so comedy that affectionately snarks on all those tropes is hard to beat. And it's really, really good comedy.

Day 15: Recommendations: If you like Beyond Belief specifically, check out Dr. Carp, Paranormal Therapist. It's not as episodic or tongue-in-cheek as it sounds -- it's a continuous story, and when it goes for drama it goes there seriously -- but it's fun, and it's sweet.

If you like Colonel Tick Tock, or even if you don't but think you might like a more direct Doctor Who parody, go hunt down the audio adventures of Iris Wildthyme. Come to think of it, her adventures are monster-of-the-week comedies -- and she would get along smashingly with the Doyles.

Bleak Expectations parodies Dickens-era literature in the same way TAH parodies old-timey radio shows. Clever wordplay, glorious no-holds-barred melodrama, irresistible voice acting. This one has solid continuity, so listen the whole way through.

And two bonus recs: Cabin Pressure and Old Harry's Game. Solid character comedy with a loose continuity each. (Old Harry's Game takes place literally in Hell, so there's a lot of slapstick torture and references to people doing terrible things, and if you're not in the right mood for that, maybe give it a miss. But I very much recommend it otherwise.)

Day 18: The Merch: Are there Beyond Belief-themed martini glasses/beer mugs/shot glasses yet? Because there should be.

(Also, once that Croach the Tracker plushie is available, it's going at the top of my wishlist.)

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Love this and NightVale. Your art is amazing and fun thanks so much for making me smile! Still hoping for that beyond belief nightvale cross over