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Bloody Seraspuff

Manga Seraspuff, facing down Zoripuff, coordinates her outfit with her new eye color.

As always, links to the rest on the Hellsingpuff page. Download for the image, full-sized blank, 8 LJ-size icons, and the original manga page on which this is based.
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Love it, you didn't color the uniform a bright red thank god! I've seen alot of Seras pics were the person decides that her uniform is bright red, where would they get that from? Who knows..Oh yeah, once again this is perfect :D
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awwww cute, but I wouldn't want to meet her face to face. Scary!!
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aww seras puff is adorable even covered in blood. i liek the new red outfit ^vv^-
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That is the most adorably menacing Seras I've ever seen.
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Love it. A wildcat Seraspuff... I almost want to be there with her... 'almost' -.-
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I've been wondering... is there any canon indication that Blood Seras's outfit is actually red? I've seen plenty of cosplays like that, but I'm wondering if it was just arbitrarily decided.
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I can't think of any, but her uniform changed color when she drew a whole bunch of blood to her, so it's a pretty safe bet.
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