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Problematic ships project: Bruce Banner x Natasha Romanoff.

I don't even remember what's supposed to be Wrong with this one. I can understand not liking how it went down in canon -- even the shippers have mixed opinions about that -- but that's what fixit fic and AUs are for.

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I Love this! I do ship Bruce x Natasha, and it's hard to find a lot of fan art since it's unique to the MCU. Thanks for creating this! I like the fluffy hair on Bruce, btw.

The only thing that makes it problematic in my opinion is the fire it draws from anti-shippers. The two characters had real sparks in The Avengers, but so many people were putting Nat with Clint or Steve or later Bucky that they weren't looking for the clues in the body language and the way they interacted. It's clear Nat was attracted to him because Bruce stood up to her and he's different from the jocks and fighters she works with. The chemistry between Mark and Scarlett really shows. There were two years between TA and AoU to build up the Lullaby, so I don't feel it was that "rushed." That's what fan fic is for. No, they didn't get physical, but they were in each others space in AoU. Considering we're dealing with the guy who turns into the Hulk, caution ought to be a given. With all the hints and build up in CW and Ragnarok, it's pretty clear they still care for each other. IW kind of punted it down the road, but it's still canon and ongoing. Fingers crossed for A4!
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The part I mind the most about the ship is that it pulled a bait-and-switch with regard to whether I was gonna get bonding and character exploration or a romance. Which is why my personal headcanon is that it's entirely platonic on Nat's end, but she knows Bruce likes her romantically and is willing to use that to her advantage. Keep in mind, literally the only time they were physically affectionate is right before Nat shoved him into the pit saying "But I need the other guy."