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Bishounen Enzetsuka Sailor Voice

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A very serious Welcome to Night Vale magical girl AU. (The gratuitous Japanese in the title translates to "pretty-boy speaker/orator".)

When Cecil Palmer was just fifteen years old, he met a talking (and floating) cat who told him he had special powers...and that it was his solemn duty to use them to defend Night Vale against the ancient menace of Desert Bluffs. In return, he gets a magical self-cleaning frilly outfit -- absolutely free!

Dana, his future successor, is currently an enzetsuka-in-training as Sailor Chibi-Voice. Her Shining Cell Phone Wand is a few power-ups away from matching the size of Cecil's Eternal Welcoming Broadcast Scepter, but it still packs a punch.

Carlos...doesn't know what the hell is going on. He keeps having these mysterious blackouts, and one day he manages to catch one on videotape, and apparently he's been transforming into some fancy outfit with a lab coat and a mask before running off? Could he be that vigilante who keeps appearing at Sailor Voice's battles, delivering flowery one-liners, and throwing test tubes to distract the monsters just in the nick of time?

Cecil, meanwhile, has a dilemma. You see, that handsome scientist he keeps accidentally bumping into around town is so beautiful, and has perfect hair...but the totally-dreamy Lab Coat Mask, who always has his back when he's Sailor Voice, also has perfect hair. How will he ever choose between them?

(...If anybody else wants to write this, or draw more of this, or do anything with this, you will be showered with adulation. Just want to throw that out there.)

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RoyalADKHobbyist General Artist
..Welp. Definitely putting my spin on this.
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IronBrony1981Professional Digital Artist
Nice!Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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AnaxErik4everHobbyist Writer
P.S.  Carlos is Professor Tomoe and Tuxedo Mask, or Lab Coat Mask I should say, all in one!  That's awesome.  Hooray for power ups too!
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AnaxErik4everHobbyist Writer
Sailor Moon meets WTNV.  I was just tickled when I saw this.  A childhood favorite memory of mine, which recently got a revamp, mixed with a more recent interest.
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SmallAustrianVillageHobbyist Digital Artist
This one is brilliant 
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MomotsukiNezumiHobbyist General Artist
Dana's adorable, Khoshehk is awesome, and Cecil.....Cecil is PERFECT XD  

I love that the radio station broadcast mic is now a scepter of immense power to match Cecil's free self-cleaning adorkable purple sailor suit, it's amazing. Probably packs quite the punch too, if he can use it to magnify his voice like a soundwave attack. "ATTENTION, MONSTERS! PLEASE VACATE THE PREMISES OF NIGHT VALE IMMEDIATELY, OR WE WILL ASSIST THE HOODED FIGURES IN REMOVING YOU FORCIBLY FROM THE AREA!" 

Can I just die of laughter at your description of Carlos as Lab Coat Mask, and the fact that he "doesn't know what the hell is going on" but just shows up in a lab coat and mask and chucks test tubes at baddies? Please? This is killing me here!
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Fancy microphones have so much potential as magical staff designs. Cecil probably uses it to amplify his battle introductory speech. "In the name of radio, YOUR DOOM."

Lab Coat Mask's confusion is 100% duplicated from that of Tuxedo Mask in the original SM anime. Poor guy. (Both of them.)
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I need this fic like I need air...just Carlos...and Cecil....and Dana but not so much Dana cause Carlos and Cecil! Now if only I was better at writing.....I love it!
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I've got too much on my plate to try writing it any time soon, so I'll join you in hoping someone else picks up the idea =)
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This is the cutest freaking thing. Oh my god. I would read this fic so hard. 
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Oh my god, I hope someone writes fic of this because I need it in my life a lot...
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Phoenix-FireMageHobbyist General Artist
That is... amazing.
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