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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Luna

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For a contest which I didn't hear about until it closed, but which I thought was so interesting that I ran with it anyway:

"How would this series work if someone other than Sailor Moon were the main character?"

Fourteen-year-old Kaguya Tsukino never thought there could be life on planets other than Mau. Then a talking cat showed up at her door and informed her that she had to transform into Sailor Luna, gather the team of sailors for planets Chuu, Mermaid, Coronis, and Cocoon, and stop an alien menace from destroying civilization.

(And, of course, only now does it hit me that Usagi should have been a talking rabbit. Whoops.)

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Artemis Parthenos by ErinPtah Kitty Soldier Sailor Mau by ErinPtah PASJ - The Bee-Owl Family by ErinPtahStephen 'n Neil - Hail Luna by ErinPtah
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HCShannonHobbyist Digital Artist
I like Usagi the cat!
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LoL..reminds me of my take on this theme,long before the eyesore (as Kunzite called her in PGSM) came along...

Although, she was Kat Tsunkino, with a slightly different my take, she was the Moon Princess..!
Yeah, eventually, reworked her into the current Sailor Bast...

But Luna looks good in that fuku..good job!
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Apart from the hair, it's the same as Sailor Luna from the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon live action show. If you want to use others characters, you'll have to put up a disclaimer and give copyright to the real owners.
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If the title "Sailor Luna" and the references to Sailor Moon in the description isn't enough to clue a person in to the fact that this is a version of Sailor Luna from the show Sailor Moon, then I cannot take responsibility for that person's stupidity.
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At least put up a disclaimer, as this "version" is an exact copy with a slightly different hairstyle. You didn't give credit to Takeuchi-sama and therefore people that don't know of Sailor Luna will think you came up with the idea and the design yourself, which counts as stealing.
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You could say that about any of my Sailor Moon art. "People might think you came up with the idea and design of Eternal Sailor Moon/Princess Kaguya/Sailor Star Fighter/Sailor Tin Nyanko..." Someone who's never heard of the series at all could stumble across a picture of Usagi and think I came up with her hairstyle. Their lack of research is not my responsibility, nor my problem.
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w/e. I'd just like people to be modest enough to say "I didn't come up with this, it's just fanart". Whether others know or not. It's an act of respect.
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DavisJesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Usagi looks like a little bear but I know it is suppose to be a cat
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Nice to see Luna as a human rather than a cat. Anything for Artemis?
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Not right now, but I might break out his (little-used) human form someday =)
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the-lady-harknessHobbyist General Artist
this is really adorable. :)
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CatrionaMalfoyStudent Digital Artist
Cuuuuute. I love the furry bits instead of ruffles. Usagi should also have pink on her somewhere. ^^ or white.

I love the idea though, very clever. ^_^
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A very amusing concept. And you could always alter Usagi's species and resubmit the pic...
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There's something really sweet about this, particularly the ribbons fro her collar flowing out, without making Luna too airy.
I don't know if you've seen it, but =elila has been working on a Neko Moon series that very much follows the same idea, but on earth, with the regular sol senshi.
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I have a bit of a thing for ribbons =)

Hadn't seen that, no. It looks very pretty - thanks for the link!
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Very cute idea, I love the reversal of roles.
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shanejayellHobbyist Writer
Very nice work. :)
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cute, and pretty interesting too.
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Interesting idea. The Starlights could still be the same since they hail from another planet. It'd be neat to see you flesh this out some more.
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puff222001Hobbyist Artist
I dunno, Usagi as a cat is really cute!
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