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Post-redemption-arc Jasper...still kinda dubious about what happened to the infamous Rose Quartz, and why she's not allowed to fight him.

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That's sound great, I hope She and Steven will be friends
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aww lovely choice of colors!! very cute drawing!
getting a post-redemption-arc jasper even after that episode: i want to believe
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Jasper has been revealed to have a tragic backstory with serious grief and loss! Knowing this show, that's clear setup for a comeback and redemption.
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it is indeed!! i really really hope she has a comeback and redemption, and play an important role!
ive been always looking at hilary florido's episode promo arts and theyve never featured jasper... its really sad...
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Beautiful color pallet and very sweet emotion. Wish they could've saved her on the show.
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Ohh, she'll be back. Might take a while, because SU is playing the long game and Jasper is going to need it, but they'll work her out eventually.
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I hope so. I wouldn't mind hearing more about Jasper's past and PD, so many questions that need answers.
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It's funny, while I don't really think she should be redeemed in the show I love these AUs when she's one of the gang. 
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Never a bad time for a good AU!

I think the ultimate win for our heroes would be the ideological reform of Homeworld itself -- and figuring out how to connect with Jasper would be an important step toward that goal. She doesn't have the same reasons to switch sides as the other CGs -- she's not dissatisfied with her social role in Gem society, she's not dazzled by Earth's beauty. So she represents the mainstream ethics of Homeworld, plus the legitimate feelings of grief and loss from that side of the war. Figure out how to win over Gems like that, and I bet you get most of Homeworld in your pocket.
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I do hope jasper gets to have some kind of turn-around.
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