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Beingstuck - Three Humans

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(Three of the main characters from But I'm A Cat Person, Homestuck style. For AnotherContestGroup's Tales of Time contest.)



You live in a nice little APARTMENT with a lot of CHEAP FURNITURE and your FORMER COLLEGE ROOMMATE. You like to consider yourself a CAPABLE AND INDEPENDENT YOUNG ADULT, although you do not currently have a paying job, and you continue to be partially subsidized by your COOL LESBIAN MOM.

Your interests include ARGUING WITH PEOPLE ABOUT POLITICS, and you are frequently frustrated when your friends don't seem to want to join in. You also enjoy AMATEUR TENNIS, SCIENCE FICTION TV SHOWS, and READING FANFICTION. In your spare time you VOLUNTEER for a local political campaign, and chat with your FRIENDS ON THE INTERNET. You would like to have a girlfriend, you guess, but DATING IS HARD.

Along with several friends, you are about to play a game which will assign you to be the Heir of Life. Your username is doctorSpacetime and your strife specibus will be racquetkind.



Your job as a LIBRARY ASSISTANT pays for your half of the rent, a responsibility shared with your ROOMMATE and good buddy Sparrow. You would probably refer to has your MOIRAIL if you had any idea what that meant. The two of you met as college freshmen, but didn't become inseparable until THAT THING THAT HAPPENED SOPHOMORE YEAR. You don't like to dwell on it. You have a PRETTY GOOD LIFE now, after all.

You watch a lot of MAGICAL GIRL ANIME, which may be the inspiration for your strategy of SPARKLING at people. You try to flirt, both with boys and girls, but it's unnerving after that one guy who turned out to be SPYING ON YOU. You have also been known to DRAW and LOOK DAPPER IN DRAG.

When you begin a session of SBNG, you will be designated the Witch of Heart. Your username is violetBauble and your strife specibus will be scepterkind.


Your name is MIRANDA LAKE.

You are technically a COLLEGE STUDENT, although you don't put a whole lot of effort into it, since you will NEVER NEED A JOB due to your OBSCENELY LARGE TRUST FUND. Instead you focus most of your energy on MANIPULATIVE SCHEMES. What can you say, most of the people around you can't exactly be dealt with in a STRAIGHTFORWARD WAY.

Your MYSTERIOUS FATHER is now technically responsible for you, although you have been AVOIDING HIM recently. You are generally seen in EXPENSIVE CLOTHING AND JEWELRY, and your hair is frequently done up in a COMPLICATED HAIRSTYLE, sometimes prepared with the assistance of your FAKE BOYFRIEND.

When you enter the session of SBNG, you will be the Thief of Doom. Your username is buyingVictory and your strife specibus will be shoekind.

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:iconanothercontestgroup: Dear deviant, Thank you very much for entering #AnotherContestGroup's Tales of Time Contest.  The contest is now over and the results will be announced with in the next two weeks - so keep your eyes peeled.  Prizes to all who enter will be awarded once the results are in.  Thank you very much again for partisipating :)  

Please also know our newest contest is now out I am no Picasso

Good luck with your entry and thank you again - ACG

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This is awesome!!
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