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Beautiful Stranger

Problematic ships project: Layton/Flora.

They're from a series of puzzle-solving mystery games, and according to Wikia, Flora can disguise herself to be totally unrecognizable to the rest of the putting on a scarf and dark glasses.

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Beautiful stranger! Although I am madly in love with my dear Flora, I find myself captivated by your anonymous mystique!
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Ohh, this is a really cute idea!! Flora is actually really fond of the professor in canon, I bet this would be like a dream come true for her :9 
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Ironically in the Japanese version, Flora considers herself Layton's bride candidate.
These games to seem to have some crazy Scobby Doo logic going on sometimes.
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Just about every other disguise fits into the 'latex perfection' category. 
I was thinking more how often doe the magic turn out to be a hoax parts of the games.
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Only the second and fifth ones, really. First one had clockwork replicants, third one had a complete replica of London build under London (which WAS supposed to be Future London, but that's still WAY above the typical SD villain), fourth was the spider from Wild Wild West fighting a giant manatee, and six was full-stop magic and ice mummies. And two's fake-out wasn't even intentional. 
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Cheats on his adopted daughter... with his adopted daughter... after finally moving on after mourning his last girlfriend for 10+ years. Hershel, you're supposed to be a gentleman.
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makes you wonder how Katrielle and Afrendi came around.
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My headcanon is that he just has a habit of taking in orphans like strays. Too much of a gentleman to see them all alone.
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So kinda like Batman taking in all those Robins. That makes sense.
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