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Basic Cable Love Triangle Meme

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About a third of this meme is either direct quotes or paraphrases of the gentlemen in question. ILU, Basic Cable Boys. Never stop being amazing.

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SymmylynnHobbyist Digital Artist
lol, i love this!
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BmasHobbyist Traditional Artist
I laughed out loud in real life. I never do that.
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That dance off scene was awesome. XD
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Igiko937Hobbyist General Artist
"My Jon is mine, you can not has." xD awesome.
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This MADE MY DAY. <3
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ah bits from that dance off they did on Conan's stand up thing when he was in New York
FilledeMarius's avatar
What animal is Conan?
ErinPtah's avatar
A red squirrel =)
FilledeMarius's avatar
I thought so! They're all adorable. =D
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"Also, I made him, and if he hurts Stephen I will break him."

FractalBlaze's avatar
That was awesome! I loved it. The dialogue was great, all of it. And the Mexican Waiter outfit! And the short jokes!! I :heart: you, I :heart: them, and I voted with this account, and an old club's account, as well. Keep up the awesomeness! :D :w00t:
vbabemoon's avatar
OMG Bunny Colbert, Rat Stewart and Squirrel O'Brien are just about the cutest things EVERRRR
AH! The wonky ear!!!
Hellsing-S-cry-ed's avatar
Hellsing-S-cry-edHobbyist Traditional Artist
I want the Stephen!bunny and the Conan!fox...? Puppy...? ^^; I'm sorry, I'm honestly a little confused... ^^;
ErinPtah's avatar
Squirrel. He's a red squirrel :3
Hellsing-S-cry-ed's avatar
Hellsing-S-cry-edHobbyist Traditional Artist
WOW, was I off! :XD: I love him. X3
sarcasticsra's avatar


...and the Stephen bunny. Though my roommate's bunny would own him.
ErinPtah's avatar
Stephen!bunny thinks he's very tough. Then he hears a loud noise or something, and has to run and hide under the furniture.
sarcasticsra's avatar
Haha, of course!

Meanwhile, Schnapps (her bunny) would simply chew on a carrot and deviously plot for the day he will rule the world!

Stephen bunny could be one of his minions, maybe. =P
ridollstix's avatar
STEPHEN BUNNAY oh god I might do this now >_> Or with another couple >8D BWAHAHAHAAHA

How Stephen never notices how Conan comes on to him is a mystery FFFF

*enjoys obvious height differences on the old Jon Stewart Show* xDDD
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puff222001Hobbyist Artist
I want a Colbert-Bunny. Also, your Conan is pretty hot. I already voted, else I'd vote again for you.
ErinPtah's avatar
Everyone should have their own Colbunny. XD

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