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BKSH - The Team

By ErinPtah
The dolls from the Sailor Hellsing character page.

Bases are from Lycentia's SM Graphics.

There will be a Sailor Millennium at some point, but this covers the core "planetary senshi" team.

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Cat People, Gaia Style by ErinPtah Vintage - Xyll - Sprites by ErinPtahVintage - Xyll - Fashion Dolls and Sailor Uniforms by ErinPtah BKSH - Cloud Nine by ErinPtah 
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So id Sailor Millenium was wearing silver would that make her Silver Millenium?
ErinPtah's avatar

That's magnificent.
YunaHellsing's avatar
You are welcome.
Ashia21's avatar
So you're gonna continue the comic :excited:
ErinPtah's avatar
Ahhhh, how many times do I have to say it? I'm not!
Ashia21's avatar
:cries: But you gots all those scouts you didn't use
KinjiraretaNingyou's avatar
the two on the left are adorable.
createacomic's avatar
Any chance of full sprite sheets? Then it'd be possible to make BKSH fan comics with sprites.
ErinPtah's avatar
If anyone else wants to, they can make full sprite sheets, but I'm certainly not going to have the time ^_^;
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Very awesome!! I kinda miss BKSH it was pretty cool. Things get in the way though..we all have lives to live.
Kitsune-Rose's avatar
Aaaawwweeesome! :D
LuthienDun's avatar
i'm surprised you didnt make a Sailor Maxwell
ErinPtah's avatar
I think he takes the role of Queen Nehelenia. She never transforms, but she does have that whole "dark counterpart to the Moon Princess" thing going on, so it's close.
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