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BKSH - Sailor Huntress

From the nonexistent third arc of Sailor Hellsing.

Rip is the subject of Doc's experimental attempts to summon Samiel, the dark counterpart to the Messiah. The three Holy Relics can summon either, so Doc is out to get them first, and Rip's body is meant to be Samiel's vessel.

But Rip has another role to play...
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Thanks for drawing my suggestion! Yay for more Rippy!
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@___________________@ (passes out from sheer knowledge that Rip appears in the comic)

Well, Erin, you've done it. I'm reading that comic now.
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Lol, look closer at the description. She doesn't actually make it into the comic - that storyline hasn't been drawn ^_^;
Are you going to continue the comic?
ErinPtah's avatar
Didn't you just ask me that?

No, I'm not.
sorry I forgot. Great comic.
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...Oh. Whoops. ;-; Oh well. It's still an awesome piece of art. :3
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Oh, I love this! You know, from a distance, I thought that was Luke at the top, not Dok. XD
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So. Much. Win.
Though Dok pretty much looks like a rapist up there.
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WOW!!! i hope u make a 3rd arc.
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Damn this beats the one I commissioned
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Sailor Moon + Rip = Actualy working?

It took a moment from it to fit into my head, but it IS rather cool when you think about it.
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So, you've added Rip too? Awesome! :headbang:
Love the pose and the outfit. ;)
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