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BKSH - Sailor Dhampir

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More art from the next not-to-be-drawn arc of Sailor Hellsing.

The daughter of the future ruler of Crystal London, Countess Integrity. She briefly gets transformed into a grown-up evil form, White Lady ("baobhan sith" = the White Women of the Scottish highlands), before awakening as Sailor Dhampir and getting a bunch of sickeningly sparkly attacks of her own.

With bonus Alu-P!
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I wonder what her prince looks like?
And I also hope that you continue the story
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Even this may sound somewhat fangirlish rabble/whine/ohpleasohplease, I would like to see future plot in some form or another..

Even text. :P
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I'll probably do sketches/summaries in some form. Eventually =)

Thanks for the enthusiasm!
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Saw that one coming. xD
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The more I see and hear about these new characters, the more sorry I am because this second story arc won't be drawn. :(
Great character designs. This picture is really cute. :aww:
Sickening SPARKLY attacks? Was that a Twilight refference? :o
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Alas...I just don't have the time.

And, uh, yes. Let's call it a Twilight reference :D
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It's understandable. :D

Yeah, but unlike the Twilight vampires, her sparkles can hurt people, right? ;)
Also, out of curiousity, why did you name her "Sailor Dhampir"?
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Er...if by "hurt" you mean "bounce lightly off of", then yes!

A dhampir is a half-human, half-vampire =)
fireheart1001's avatar, they don't hurt people? They just bounce lightly off of people? :D

I know that, but I was expecting for a character like that to be called...oh, I don't know... Sailor Sith (Baobhan SITH) or something like that. :XD:
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She has an equivalent to Pink Sugar Heart Attack, and, yeah, that's pretty much what it does ^_^;

Trouble is, she's not a baobhan sith in this AU. Not even half - her vampire half is nosferatu. So the baobhan sith idea is relegated to the name of her evil adult form.
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Sorry, I haven't watched Sailor Moon all that much. ^^;
Ermmm what good IS a sparkly attack like that? :o

Oh, well that makes more sense. Thanks for explaining. :D
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It's no good at all - that's the joke. It's comic relief =P

(She's still in training; she'll get better as she gets older.)
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