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BKSH - Born To Run

Frontispiece for the final chapter of Pretty Knight Sailor Hellsing.

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BKSH - Sailor Human by ErinPtah BKSH - The crew, chibi-style by ErinPtah Vintage - BKSH - Alexandra by ErinPtah BKSH - Sailor Ghoul by ErinPtah 
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Neat! It's a pic from Sailor Moon Stars! It sucks that the only place to find Sailor Moon is online or pirated copies...
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Adorable, Erin. <3!
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uhmm.... Why is Pip and Alexander in dresses O.O

(Totaly clueless to any manga i havent read yet, which is a lot:D )

And... WHo is the gray lady on the right?

Nice work though:P
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They're girls in this story. It's a Hellsing/Sailor Moon fusion, and they're two of the sailors - Sailor Human and Sailor Regenerator =)

The girl in grey is Kim, who's a reporter in the TV series. She got bitten by a vampire, so she gets to be Sailor Ghoul.
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Sailor Ghoul? "Chortle" =D

So... Sailor Human is Pip, Sailor Ghoul is Kim, Sailor Regenerator is obviously Alexander... Then Sailor Vampire is Seras, but what is Integra? Sailor Master? Sailor Knight? =D
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Sailor Hellsing, of course! See the title?
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Thanos-san's avatar
(Mumbles to myself) I wonder how to edit comments..

Anyway, seeing Pip and Alexander clad in those unforms is kinda creepy:D
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Aw, I love this pic! I love that Pips taken Usagi's place too, her hair looks so cute. ^_^
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