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BICP - When Cows Attack

By ErinPtah
A couple of super-minor characters from But I'm A Cat Person: two Beings, the Cow and...the Other Cow.

Current theory is that one of them used to be an auroch: the wild oxen which were domesticated into modern cows, and which coexisted with them until going extinct in the 17th century. These days their appearances are so interchangeable that neither one remembers which one used to be "different."

Entered in the Fight of your Life contest. Doubles as an entry in the latest Participate-in-Contests Contest.

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I love how their sigils have similar elements, but are completely different. Do you have a method of creating them and deciding what motifs they have, or is it just whatever looks good?
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All the sigils start with the same base, and then I start laying down lines and shapes from Paint Shop Pro...based largely on what looks good, yeah. They're supposed to be reminiscent of the sigils used for "magic", but not exactly the same. (Especially since I think some of the "magic" ones look kind of dumb...)

In some cases I have a loose theme in mind -- Cybele's had hearts, the Tiger's had stripes -- based on their personality or their animal form. In others, it's just a matter of "Okay, I may need to come up with almost 100 of these by the end of the series, and they all need to be passably unique...what's in the shapes library that I haven't made enough use of yet?"
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Heh. Yeah, you can tell that some of those magicians weren't artists.