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BICP - Past Encounters

By ErinPtah
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Textless version of the past encounters between Kara Lynn and Patrick, as seen in chapter ten of BICP. Download for high-res.

Kara Lynn's outfits are all from the British Isles; Patrick's are varied. Anyone want to take a guess at locations and dates?
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Just found your second webcomic... am all caught up and loving it so far! I like the detail on the period clothes in this pic.

I'm a big history buff so I will take some guesses at locations/dates...

Top) 1880s-1890s, South Africa or Jamaica. Patrick looks more of African descent than South Asian, and she looks like a cane-cutter. But didn't they mention a war in the comic (Boer Wars)?

Bottom Left - 1700s, Italy (possibly Spain or Greece?) - I'm basing my guess on the buildings and columns in the background, and Patrick's dress and hair, which seem more Mediterranean in contrast to Kara Lynn's English dress & bonnet.

Bottom Right - Middle Ages. I'll guess sometime during the Hundred Years' War, with Kara Lynn being the English boy and Patrick fighting for France... definitely no poodle.
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Glad you like the comic!

Top: Close with the dates, right continent, wrong end. Patrick's outfit is North African; she's owned by someone in an area occupied by France.

Bottom left: Right dates, right area, not quite the right country. South of France, where Patrick's owners are still French.

Bottom right: Before the Hundred Years' War, but not by much. Kara Lynn is indeed still English. Patrick is actually Italian in this one =)
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