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AxI - Stepping Out

The second of the "Alucard in the Shine blue dress" pictures requested by my friend Katherine. Already drew Girlycard, so here's regular Alucard.

Integra is in the sexy sexy tux from the Birthday Bash storyline.

Poor Alucard.
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<font><font class="">poor alucard</font></font>
RadioactiveYogurt's avatar
lol! i can TOTALLY see that happening ! lol! nice !
Fluffygosuperpiggy's avatar
HA HA HA HA HA love it that is cool HA HAh
Fury-From-Above's avatar
YES! This is what an AxI wedding would really be like!
Fury-From-Above's avatar
Or a prom dance, whatever.

But lol. Poor Alucard, he is the impaling terror of Romania, then becomes an awesome vampire and killing machine...and now a dominating woman's dance partner.
BrightonRocker's avatar
Should they get married, that's likely how it would unfold xD
Chibinekostar2's avatar
I love Alucard's expression. :lmao: It is so priceless!:heart:
Cat-of-the-Shadows's avatar
Somehow I can imagine this actually happening. But how the heck did Integra talk him into it? :confused:
ErinPtah's avatar
She's his Master; she can just give him an order =D
Cat-of-the-Shadows's avatar
Oh yeah, I forgot, silly me! :XD:
Didn't I see you sketching this as Otakon a year or so back?

It looks nice either way.
ErinPtah's avatar
Yes, you did. I drew it at Otakon 2007. I've been just a little busy ^_^;
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Because Integra SO wears the pants in that relationship. *whipcrack* Yow! :giggle:
ErinPtah's avatar
Amen to that!
LarissaFae's avatar

Hay, the page for the 2nd & 3rd at Shine only gave me a blank page; no comic or placeholder, but everything else. Was that supposed to happen? *:heart:'s Timothy*
ErinPtah's avatar
Wasn't supposed to happen. Should be fixed now. Refresh!
LarissaFae's avatar
Oooh, awesome, thanks!
Poor Alu <3
I like it :] good job!
FenrirWolfe's avatar
So did Alucard lose a bet or did Integra give him an order? Or did he just want to try something new? I doubt the last one, from his expression...
ErinPtah's avatar
She doesn't look quite smug enough for "he lost a bet", so I'd go with "she gave him an order." Or possibly he did want to try something new, but now he's not so sure it was a good idea.
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Looks like Alucard is feeling very akward. I bet Integra's thinking " I wore the dress now you have to". Very funny, well drawn too
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