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Authoritative Night Vale Daemons

By ErinPtah
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A fresh round of Night Vale characters from the His Dark Materials crossover.

Leann Hart: editor of the Night Vale Daily Journal, and threat to bloggers everywhere -- not because of her keen reporting, more because of her axe. Daemon: rainbow lorikeet. (They're famously loud.)

Pamela Winchell: do not question the Mayor. She wields the official mayoral bloodstone, doesn't bat an eye in the face of angry angels, and has enough expertise to ask simple questions on the alethiometer. Daemon: caracal, also known as the desert lynx.

Trish Hidge: especially do not question the Mayor in front of her, because she will cut you. Seriously. Top Mayoral aide, and, as part of the job, has all the Mayor's powers. Daemon: brown-headed cowbird.

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My headcanon fancasting for Leann Hart has always been Cherry Jones (who's easy to picture both running a paper and wielding a bloody hatchet), so this is actually strikingly similar?  I didn't have any very solid mental image of Trish Hidge, though I've always loved her, but I think I'm going to have trouble imagining her any other way from now on.
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Cherry Jones looks pretty cool! I always imagined Leann as being close to Cecil's age (and Cecil being in his mid-30s), but I may have to reconsider...

Trish Hidge and Pamela Winchell were both really clear in my head from early on. Pamela Winchell is loosely based on Eleanor Holmes Norton, while Trish Hidge is basically an excitable knockoff of Huma Abedin =3