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Illustration for Homicidal Psycho Jungle GoH: a futurefic in which Calvin is a sci-fi writer, Hobbes is his co-author, and Susie handles the math.

Tumblr: Reblog from here, don't repost!

Calvin, Hobbes, Chris Orcot by ErinPtahWearers Of Starsuits by ErinPtahButterfly by ErinPtahInheritance by ErinPtah
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Don't have time to read it now, so I'll fave so I don't forget.
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I'm on Deviant Art now, so I can say -- thanks for illustrating the story for me. It's a perfect picture.

Also, we're doing the Asexy Valentines Fest again this year, and someone created a collection on AO3 so stuff can be gathered there too.
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Welcome to dA, and glad you like it!

I'll keep an eye out for what comes up =)
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*his daydreams
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i actually like that concept of him being a sci-fi writer as most (or all at times) were sci-fi related.

perhaps Spaceman Spiff will become the next Buck Rogers.
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I like the concept! :thumbsup::-)
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I went and read the fic (like it :) ) because for the life of me I was trying to figure what GoH was and no ____ of Hermes was fitting for the picture (only feel slightly silly still)
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