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Anderpuff vs. Alupuff

:icondanetenshijanai: reminded me about my much-neglected Hellsingpuffs, so you're going to see a lot of these over the next couple of days :D

Here, Anderpuff and Alupuff have an epic-adorable battle (based on the one from the TV series opening).

Click "download" for the scene plus full-size blanks of the characters, and 15 LJ-size icons of the scene.

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I have a really long boring three days coming up and was depressed and ready to kill someone but this made me laugh so hard I fell of my chair!

They're adorable and so cute ad yet soo..... vey in character! ANDERSON IS ADORABLE!!!! Tis so epic!!!
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If this was on TV, I'd watch it
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Too sweet!

And argh, you had the same idea I did!!! I drew a whole "puffed" Hellsing cast! :D
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You're including the clean images too?
You are a goddess! ^,^;