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And Shine Stephen Now -2-

The second tie-in Shine strip, which won't appear on the site itself until next Sunday. (You get a sneak preview! Aren't you lucky?)

The reference for that last pose was one of the panels in which Alucard grabs Rip. Pray Pray Revolution is demonstrated in this tournament, which Stephen MCs.

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i wanted to know who sired Stephen..
but i'm surprised by Stephen's powers if Dandy sired him
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To be fair, his powers so far have mostly amounted to "flying very fast and hoping Seras doesn't catch up."
FilledeMarius's avatar
...That explains so much. Poor Stephen. :(
yakuzakyuu's avatar
*ahem* *cough* .... I better not write what I'm thinking. :P (Maybe this is _true_ reason why first victim of vampire was female?)
ErinPtah's avatar
The whole point of a lot of classic vampire novels was to write erotica in a way that would make it past the Victorian censors. So don't worry, this is part of a long and noble tradition :D
yakuzakyuu's avatar
No, I'm not 'worrying'.. (Phoo. :P) In fact, Dandy/Stephen has its potential (or flop) in some distant AU.

... Or maybe I'm just nagged by the fact that relationships of male villains have with each others in 'Case Closed'(also known as 'Detective Conan') are platonic - I'll respect that fact, since there isn't much base - or past - to proof otherwise.
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Woah - that's... quite erotic, really. I'm amused, and delighted; and I'M horribly sick! Wow, I should read back though Shine's archives, see if I feel any better.
I do like Stephen's face in panel 4, sort of 'yeah, well, uh...'
Ookamiofthewolves's avatar
...........** @A@ *grabbyhands*

yay for previews.
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