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And It's Not Even Cecil's Birthday

By ErinPtah
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Carlos has a get-together with some eerily-similar fellow-scientists, from all across the multiverse in the HDM crossover.

(Spoilers follow.)

Cary is a fellow physicist from Will's world, where he works for the Malone Foundation. Charles is an archaeologist from another world with corporeal daemons, where Lord Asriel mined basalt. Caleb is a computer scientist from a world with a 1950s level of computing technology, where he helped invent the partly-digital alethiometer. Carson is an ornithologist, from a world where a different subset of the soul is corporeal.

(Carlos has a long list of counterparts; this is just a representative subset.)

All of them are looking forward to working together.

It's a good thing they're mostly working from their own universes, because any time two of them are in the same room, Cecil has to go stick his head under a cold faucet. If more than five got together, he'd probably spontaneously combust.

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(The Scene IRL)

Cary Ramalhete: In an infinite multiverse, everyone has kindred spirits somewhere! We just got lucky enough to meet ours.
Charles Raimeaux: It's like destiny! Only way more scientific!
Carlos Ramirez: I know, right?
Caleb Rosenzveig: Have all of your universes invented the gigabyte?
Carson Roderham: We are going to do so much science together.

(The Scene in Cecil's Head)

Cary Ramalhete: In an infinite multiverse, a lot of us are smoking hot.
Charles Raimeaux: And we're all getting along so well!
Carlos Ramirez: Like what you see, honey?
Caleb Rosenzveig: Think of the possibilities...
Carson Roderham: Maybe we could do a group experiment on you?
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ReturnofOlympusStudent Digital Artist
Charles :heart::heart::heart:
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Ahaha, Caleb's amazement and aggravation at other universes' technology will never not be funny to me. And I'm sad that Carson didn't make it into the story, I really want to know more about his world.

Rejoice, Cecil, for the amount of attractiveness in the multiverse is truly infinite.
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It's so much fun to blow Caleb's mind. Like doing it to Carlos, except way easier, because any mundane-to-us piece of technology will do =D

It's a good multiverse to be Cecil in.
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SherratariStudent Writer
So very beautiful.
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SmallAustrianVillageHobbyist Digital Artist
/ snickers

Somehow I suspect this is a problem Cecil would like to have.

((Fanfic question: perhaps you mentioned this and I missed it. Where does Cecil get the alethiometer he uses in the final battle against the Smiling God? ))
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Yeah, this is the definition of a non-problem =D

In the final battle, Fey is the alethiometer! Sometimes she reports her own results, and the rest of the time Cecil is getting the information from one of her screens (he's in four-eye with Khoshekh to do the reading), and reciting it in the form of his own special brand of Interesting Narrative.
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SmallAustrianVillageHobbyist Digital Artist
((Ah! Okay. I wondered how he was going to do his job in the future, but that makes sense.))
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Heh, in the future he's going to have to rely solely on more primitive information-gathering techniques. Like interviews. And hands-on research. Which he did already, a lot of the time; it's just going to cut down on his zippy real-time reporting, and his confident announcements of long-suppressed information.
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so very awesome! Poor (not really) Cecil! :P
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