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An Angel Came Down

The Christmas 2008 strip, uncompressed. Alucard, meet Aziraphale.

Have a merry one~!
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This is amazing.Love the way the contrast between Aziraphael's light and Alucard's darkness was done.

Started reading your comic a few years ago. The various plots and crossovers are amazing and when I got my internet connection back and caught up on Shine only to find you've done a Good Omens crossover I nearly fell out of my computer chair. Hellsing is my favorite manga and Good Omens is my favorite book. Your comic is now the best of both worlds and I can't wait to see what becomes of the plot.
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*happy sigh* I've been waiting patiently for a Good Omens crossover since I went and read the book after you did the gag in that one Sunday strip. Brilliant (bad pun) and a beautiful drawing.
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Shiny Aziraphale is shiny.
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Ooh, shiny! I love the wings.
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Shiny! Are Alucard's eyes closed there?
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To him, the holy light would be blinding and painful.
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I figured he's like OMGOSH THE SHINY HURTZ or something, but couldn't tell if it she forgot to draw in her eyes or not from the angle we're looking at it. Should've known she wouldn't have forgotten such! ^^;
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AHHHH SO PRETTY. :heart: I really love his wings...

I've been following your comic for ages now and this may be the crossover that brings me the most and purest joy of all. X3 HAPPY HOLIDAYS. :heart:
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