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A Rose Quartz and an Amethyst makes...

By ErinPtah
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...Smoky Quartz!

I figure she'd be more symmetrical than the Steven-Amethyst incarnation. This isn't her first fusion, so the outfit is a nice smooth mix of Rose and flashback!Amethyst. Oh, and she fights with a blade-y whip, because this is hundreds of years before the invention of the yo-yo.

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She looks nice
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This is adorable oh my god <3
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Part of me wonders, if Smokey's asymmetry is a byproduct of Amethyst's incomplete gestation and Steven's human nature. Only way we'd know for sure is if Steven fuses with Pearl, and we got some form irregularities (since we know what Rose and Pearl fused looked like) (I am a casual watcher of SU, so if this has already happened, apologies (I assume it hasn't because of how thrilled Garnet reacted to Steven being able to fuse with Amethyst [such a proud momma moment]))

On another note, I kinda worry about this particular Smokey's mental health - it's pretty clear both of A. and S. have a lot of confidence related mental baggage, and all of it is pretty similar. As long as they stay positive, it ought to be fine, but if Smokey starts going south, it feels like they'd go downhill fast and hard. 
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We haven't seen a Steven-Pearl fusion yet, or any other Rose-vs.-Steven fusions to compare. All of Amethyst's other fusions are nice and symmetrical, and of course Stevonnie is almost perfect...I wonder if Steven's ability to fuse with humans comes at a price of more-erratic fusions with Gems.

Pearl's and Garnet's reaction to the fusion was a thing of joy and beauty.

It would be cool if Smoky got more balanced as Steven gets more experienced with fusion. And yeah, their mental state is definitely prone to the latest episode Pearl and Garnet have gotten wise to that, so Smoky will have support waiting if they need it.
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part of me also kind of wonders if, in the end, they'll beat yellow, blue, and white diamond by having steven fuse with them, and force them to accept he has a right to live through this close contact and excessive empathy...
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Now that's an interesting theory. Our heroes aren't going to force fusion, so that would require them to convince the Diamonds to try it voluntarily...seems like a long shot, but I'm hoping the show will carry on for like 10 more seasons anyway, so anything's possible.
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Yes, (And I am totally with you on 10 more seasons!) but I could see it going kinda like Peri, where the two sides keep butting heads, nothing is really getting resolved, and the villains are just getting more and more frustrated...and then Steven makes them an offer for what they want, if they just let him try persuading them first - much shouting ensues, much frustration, determination is maxing out on both sides, little anger, Steven offers a hand, cause that's what he does, a diamond swat it away...and their emotions are synced so well they fuse on accident on contact. Holy $%!^ moment ensues. Further Holy $%!^ moments result. So much blessed biological output XD
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